How to create an RSS feed of your Instagram pictures

   One of the most common complaint about Instagram's website is that users don't have a profile page on the site where you can see all their pictures or the most recent ones. You can only link to a specific image on the web site, everything else can only be done in the app. If you are like me, you prefer to have full access to your pictures outside of the app.

   One of the way to achieve this would be to have access to an RSS feed of the pictures that you post on Instagram. You could then download the pictures in that feed automatically or display them on your blog using a Ajax widget. The possibilities become endless.

   Well I have a solution for you. One of the cool features of Instagram is that you can post your pictures to the Instagram website as well as to several other places. This is all done easily right from the app. Currently the supported services are Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Posterous, Tumblr and Foursquare. I sometime post my pictures only on Instagram and my favorite pictures I'll post on Twitter and Facebook as well. However I don't use Tumblr so I created a dedicated Tumblr account just for the purpose of posting all my Instagram pictures. This way I can use the RSS feed created by Tumblr to grab all my Instagram pictures. Now all I have to do is remember to turn on Tumblr sharing every time I post a picture. That's just one click, so I find it convenient enough. And if I forget, I can still use the Tumblr app to add the picture into the feed afterward.

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