How to properly fold an iPad 2 Smart Cover

   Imagine my disappointment, the first time that I tried to make my iPad 2 stand upright, as soon as I touched the screen, the Smart Cover unfolded and my brand new iPad 2 slaped violently on the table. I think that my heart skipped a beat.

   The good news is that my iPad is fine. But a terrible thought crossed my mind: did Apple just scammed me? I remembered clearly having seen the iPad stand up using the Smart Cover during Steve Jobs presentation. I checked Apple's website and it clearly states, "Just lean iPad against the Smart Cover for a sturdy upright stand."

   So what gives? I was ready to storm the Apple Store when I decided to have another quick look at the Smart Cover demo video. That is when it hit me: I was folding the Smart Cover the wrong way. The exterior of the cover (in polyurethane or leather) has to be in the inside once the cover is folded. This way the cover can't unfold so easily and the interior of the cover also has more grip so the cover will not slide if put on a smooth surface.


   This makes a big difference so I hope this information will help other people not to make the same mistake.

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