KAYAK Explore: find your next destination for the holidays

   Us geeks, we love data visualization. Just search for infographics on the web and you'll see what I mean. But data visualization is not just for fun or education. It can also help you save money. A good example is KAYAK Explore. The idea is quite simple: choose your location and KAYAK will show you a map of the most popular destinations in the world with the best airfare from where you are.

   The tool has all the features you want. You can choose the period when you want to travel (by month or season). You can set a maximum ticket price or flight time. You can choose direct flights only. You can zoom in on the map to get more destinations in a particular region. And you can even choose the destination by weather condition (from freezing to boiling hot).

   Of course your results may vary and KAYAK Explore cannot take into account all the promotions, discounts and so on. But it will definitely help you if you want to get the best value on the plane ticket for your next holidays.

   Just for fun, go to the site, choose your city and slowly reduce the maximum budget for your flight. Most of the long distance destination will progressively disappear but not all of them. Those are the farthest destinations that you can go to for a decent price. You may be surprised! For example you can currently get a plane ticket from Paris to Tokyo for less than $600.


   As always I hope you will find this tip useful and feel free to share your tips in the comments.

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